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Satisfaction in Work.. Life..!!



Money and Passion.

These are the two very simple words. Money, as we know is very important for living a healthy life and passion is important for dedication, hard work and most importantly, satisfaction. But the problem starts when we start to correlate these two things.

It has been said for years by the great people to follow the dreams with passion and money will follow it. Very Nobel thought, but what if your dream is to become a billionaire. Hmmm, now I get the reason why all our corrupt politicians run behind money. Oops, let’s keep our politicians out of this.

So when I was a small kid, there was no one who could guide me to follow my dreams, but I still did follow my dreams. I liked a girl in my class and by following my heart, I followed her to her home. I saw cricket, played cricket, and soon my dream was to become an International cricketer, not because there was a lot of money involved, but because I had the passion to play. I never thought of the money those cricketers earned. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that those people earned so much of money by just playing a game. I worked hard but I failed. My dream was to become a class cricketer and play for my country one day , but I wasn’t gifted with the talent to reach the top. Good for me that I didn’t have to waste more than 5 years of my life, thanks to the losers around me who always brought me back to reality. Making me realise the risk which I had to take. I was nothing if not a cricketer, so I established myself to become a good student. I felt that it was much easier to score good marks in an exam than to score runs on the field. I, a 18 year old kid, chose the easier way. I started studying hard and running against the odds, I chose to become an engineer.

Job change for satisfaction.., or is it..?

Belonging to a poor family, days became financially tougher in engineering, but it never brought any impact on the curriculum, but instead it encouraged me to work harder. Being a chemical engineer, I was placed into one of the top IT firm, but does it really matter now a days, I don’t think so, because getting the good job was an achievement within. I joined the job. I had a girlfriend, money and perfect job. Life was perfect, much better than I could have scripted, but not for long. Life took an about turn when I had a breakup with my girlfriend. The so called ‘perfect life’ had turned to become the ‘most boring life’. I felt suffocated at every move, every moment. Suddenly, I started feeling that money and good professional career is not sufficient to have a happy life. You need more to life, you need good people to speak around, you need fun in your life, that is when I realise the actual need of the workshops for work life balance. People who have a sad personal life are more intended to love their professional life. They like to work hard, so was I. I worked really hard to earn good money. I changed the company which I worked for, with a better package, but the salary looked attractive only for the initial 2 months, later it was again the same old story.

Though, I was earning sufficiently good, the process of taking the orders from the client and creating an software application everyday had turn me behave like an Application myself. My brain was getting rusted for not being used or at least I felt it that way. I was not satisfied with the kind of work I was doing. I always felt that I can do a lot more things than what I did everyday. One of the reasons for my dissatisfaction with the work was that my urge to learn more things everyday. My expectations were higher than what I learned everyday. I always had the feeling that the utilization of my talent was lesser than what I wanted to deliver. I was feeling like a wild lion being caged, but It gave a sigh of relief when I learnt that most of the people around me felt the same way. Everyone wanted to do something or the other in their life. Not many of them were actually happy with the work they did everyday in their office. I was happy to know that I am not the alien on this planet.

Soon, I gave a deeper thought to remove this feeling out of me, so I cameup with an Idea, which was to do something else apart from daily routine work. I started jogging. It gave me some stress relief, but running is the most boring work. So in order to keep my brain busy while I jog, I started building the thoughts which came in my mind while I was running. I slowly developed a Hobby. I started to write. I wrote everyday, at least for one hour. Not with the intention to make others read, but with the selfishness to spend some time doing what I liked. It made me happy. Slowly, but surely, I was happy with the same work which I once rejected to do in my office, just because the level of frustration was reduced. Being happy and satisfied with my work is a very Important part of my life, After all, It is the only way I can earn money. Today I can think/discuss of satisfaction/dissatisfaction so freely, just because I have a good job.

 “You would be the luckiest person on this planet if your hobby is your way of earning”

I, can be you. You may be not satisfied with the work you do every day, but remember that Job satisfaction also depends on your work-life balance. One way of having a good work life, is to have a good personal life. Dont just come home from work and sleep, do something. Even if it is for 15 minutes, just do what you like doing. It may be painting, eating, reading, writing, chating, preparing food, or even fighting with your life partner. Develop a hobby. Who know, tomorrow this same hobby may turn into your earning.

Signing off,

Shiv Kumar Thakur

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  1. Mayur Macwan says:

    Good one shiva, its not easy for every one to come up in public with your own mistakes or missteps. I congratulate you for that, but even better you are sharing your thoughts during the process of frustration and success. Thats great!

    Long way to go… and a good start.
    Keep Motivating
    As Lt. Steve Jobs Said, dont settle, keep looking..

  2. Prishika says:

    You made me rethink of what I am looking for as part of satisfaction in life. I really liked and can put myself into your shoes.. Nice!!!

  3. vijeshree says:

    Nice post 🙂 i completely agree with you. its true that your hobby gives you that satisfaction. It makes you to wake up enthusiastically in the morning. And we really enjoy just spending some time with doing what we really like to do. Shiv keep it up…i am really happy for you.. Waiting to read more blogs from you now. 🙂

  4. akanksha singh says:

    Heart felt blog mr author.very few people muster the courage to speak their heart and mind out and you definitely have done a brilliant job. The blog is both encouraging and inspiring to youth like us who finds themselves in midst of deciding between career and money. Looking forward to your next write up.

  5. Saikat says:

    This blog is an eye opener for me. I could relate so much. I am not an avid reader but blogs like this are irresistible. Yes u gifted me with a small hobby now..reading your blogs!
    This was a great piece to start with..go on..uve a blog fan club now..proud of u buddy!! Looking forward for the next piece of art.

  6. Raktim says:

    Nicely put down Shiva. When we look back at the years that went by, We all wonder what our passion was what We are actually doing. The answer as rightly stated.. We took the safer,less riskier path to be economically Happy.

  7. Reshma says:

    Well said Mr. Writer !! Reading your books, blogs and even discussing with u makes us think what we are doing and Wat should we do… (Cross fingers) keep inspiring others with your writings… All the very best 🙂

  8. Danny` says:

    Earn money with a hobby? Is it then a job or still your hobby? Where is the line between working and doing something just for pure fun. If you earn money with a hobby, then you are pushed / forced to do it continuously. And if you have to do it continuously to make a living, is it then still a hobby… or are you just doing another job… how do you going to relax outside your hobby-job… 🙂

    • shivakumar says:

      Hello Danny, Thanks for writing!

      The Pure intention behind writing this Blog is to make people spend at least few hours everyday, doing what they like doing. If in the process, you succeed making some money, or even make it so big that it can be your way of earning, than I feel succeeded in my words. If you like the work you do everyday, than your passion for it would make you exceeded as a professional. You can take an example of the greats, from Steve jobs to Lionel Messi, from Mark Zuckerberg to sachin Tendulkar, Roger federer, one thing is common in all, they love what they do, they don’t do it for money, but for their passion.

      Do what you Love.. or you have to end up Loving what you do..!

  9. Ash says:

    Awesome Shiva. You are speaking most of our mind

    Kudos to you for motivation and some good suggestions.
    Hopefully it will kick-start our latent passions

    Congrats on the blog and a brilliant first article


  10. Shreyansh Shiwam says:

    Great blog Shiva. You can’t imagine to what level I could relate everything you have expressed with my life so far!! Very good read. Waiting for your next blog. Kudos and keep going!!

  11. Avneet Kaur says:

    The best thing i liked is that the blog came straight from your heart..!!! Loved reading it and could relate to most of it.. Keep on writing such stuff, it gives a great feeling that m not the only one feeling like dis..:P 😛

  12. Laxminarayana says:

    bhai u have done what we(others) think or imagine of doing it.. One needs courage to speak their heart… It is really good that u r giving a message to the readers in a simplified manner,,, Feeling proud, inspired & motivated by your blog… Many of us read this and decide to follow ur words of doing something but reality is we will forget this in a day or two… I will try not to be one in that “many”….. congratulations & Keep going ahead… God blessss you

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