RIP: The Goregaon Angel..!

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RIP: The Goregaon Angel..!


It was a shiny day when she left the house, hot and humid as mumbai can ever get in mid of summer.
She was happy to finish the 4th day of her first job. Singing and dancing she left the work, hardly aware of what waited for her in the dark.
A monstrous human with his uncontrollable vehicle, hit her and ran away, like a coward on the subway.
She laid their in front of police station, helplessly waiting for any one to notice her agony.
We lost an angel, by the time we knew she was suffering, whom do we blame except the driver on the car steering.
Dear rider if you are reading this post, let me tell you one thing. You may have escaped the world’s eyes, but not from your own.
You may hide from the world, but how will you hide from the your own soul.
I pray to almighty, you dont get to die the way she did. But I swear to him, I wish you suffer every day, like the way she last did.
Dear angel, I wish some one had saved you, but believe me , you are at a better world than we do..!
– Shiv Kumar Thakur
Note :This article is based on the TCS Girl Hit-and-Run case in Goregaon, Mumbai last week. The Girl’s killer is yet to be identified


3 Comments so far:

  1. akanksha singh says:

    Heart touchin..brutal reality of life…

  2. prasad says:

    Well written!!!

  3. Neha says:

    That person could have dropped her to hospital insted of subway. . Hitting her could b mistake but chor k bhag jana is cruel. . RIP

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