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We, the educated / uneducated people of high/low class society of our country have a similar way of thinking when it comes to sex. It’s a sin to speak of this word is public. Undoubtedly, we don’t do it just to continue our legacy anymore; we do it because we love playing with our love partner, but some of us are still continuing to have the same old and traditional way of thinking when it come to selecting a life partner.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends who are always curious to know about other’s life. I said “One of my friends had called me today, to discuss about the sex last night”

My excited friend asked “Whom did your friend sleep with? A Hot Model?”

With a good laugh, I replied “It is not so easy to walk away with a model in Mumbai. The competition for them is high. However, the interesting part of our conversation was the nature of relation they both were looking at. The person, whom my friend slept with, was only interested in having a physical relation, which indeed, helped my friend who wasn’t looking for any emotional relationship at this stage of life either.

My friend, after taking a deep breath, responded with a mixed expression which suggested excitement and sadness “Do you mean just a hookup, and nothing more. No cry for marriage and all stuff”

I gently answered “Yes, just a hookup”

My friend responded “Wow..! I must admit that your friend is very lucky. I wish I would get such a girl in my life who wouldn’t mind sleeping with me, and spare me with the terms of marriage”

I said “Indeed, she is lucky. She needed a break from her relationships and she did get the kind of person she was looking for. I am happy for her”

My shocked friend replied “She? Is your friend a girl? How can you have such a shameless friend? I suggest you to break your relation, and all the contacts, with that slut who doesn’t even follow Indian values. These kinds of people should be kept out of this society. She doesn’t deserve a friend like you. Girls like these are a shame to the society. They are the major reason for the increasing rapes in India”.

Getting annoyed with the unexpected response from my friend, I harshly replied “Are you serious? How could an educated person like you have such an insane way of thinking? Where does your society values go when a guy is happily flaunting the count of the girlfriends he has slept with, or ditched. He is called “ Dude”, so why can’t a girl who can make so many boys fall for her, be considered smart. These girls are the reason for increasing rapes, Seriously? Those mentally ill rapists don’t even know what pleasure is all about. They know the fact that they cannot impress a girl with their talent, as they don’t have one. So, those frustrated assholes rape innocent girls. This has nothing to do with the girl’s looks, dressing style, life style or her behavior. Grow up man”

This discussion had left me unsettled. I was furious to know that this kind of people still exists. Later, after  discussion I learnt that he was expecting his wife to be a virgin, though, he wasn’t a virgin himself.

This was a small story which I thought to share to make people realize that even the most educated people of our country expect their life partner to be virgin, and many people doesn’t even consider a girl for marriage if the girl had a boyfriend earlier. The girl just wanted to select a husband of her own choice, but things didn’t work out the way she wanted it to, is it her fault? Men do so many unacceptable things, they go to strip clubs, they visit places like Pattaya for sex and some even play with girl’s feelings. That is considered as an achievement, isn’t it? So stop being a coward and start accepting the fact that “The only thing you need in your life partner is Love. If you can get someone who would love you, care for you and is compatible with you, you are the happiest person on this land”. So let’s just stop being judgmental, and start being open minded.

Shiv Kumar Thakur

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