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I am a writer



I write when I feel sad. I write when I am happy. I write for a cause, I write to change the world, but should I change with the world?

I may be boring at time, I may be creative at the others, I may sound moody for now, but what do you expect from the boy of small town.

I don’t change my thoughts with the environment I am in, but I want to change the surrounding for the better living.


I look egoistic for few, selfless for the rest, but I don’t bring the ethical sympathies in the articles I nest.

People call me feminist for the behavior I have, but I just don’t like to be a misogynistic in the male dominated world we have.

Don’t be so judgmental, I am not a bad man. I just love to party and that doesn’t make me a villain.


It is not a hobby nor it is a habit, it is my Affluence, I swear on my life.

Life is too short, and dreams are too large, but I promise myself to be satisfied at last.

It makes me happy, it makes me sad. I fear the day is near, when my work will be greater than my life.

The Only mistake of mine is I write, I write.


– Shiva Kumar Thakur

14 Comments so far:

  1. Anjali Shukla says:

    Nice work Mr. Writer…
    Keep on repeating your mistake of writing 🙂

  2. akanksha singh says:

    Well thought and articulated.. Lucky r the ppl who follow their passion..keep the gud work up..:-)

  3. Jyoti Mehta says:

    Those “WORDS”.. up there, truly reflects your obsession for writing..
    Let them flow..
    Great job!

  4. rishi says:

    Keep up the good mistake…!!
    Very nice poem… 🙂

  5. SV says:

    Awesome MISTAKE!! 😀
    Keep it up !!

  6. shivakumar says:

    Thank you Rishi and Swati..!!

  7. Sheetal Singh says:

    AWESOME!! Very well composed…

  8. Ram Thakur says:

    Good work Mr. Writer. Good pick of words. Have read your couple of other articles n looks like you r maturing with your writing!!! Keep up the great work.. Cheers!!

  9. Rajnish Singh says:

    i just love to party…………… well said!!!!!
    keep it up! 🙂

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