First impression is your last impression..!! Or is it..??

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First impression is your last impression..!! Or is it..??



We have been taught since our childhood that first impression is the last impression..!! But is it true..,? Certainly, it isn’t.

Let me take you to the time when I was doing my engineering. In the second year of our engineering course of 4 years, we were sent to our respective core branches for continuing our studies. In the first year of my engineering, I was very much admired by my brother, who had a pretty long hair for a guy to handle. I took all the pain to grow my hair long like his. I was well appreciated by many of my friends. Life was going easy till the point our class had an interaction with the “terror” lecturer of our department. He was the most feared and considered the disciplined lecturer of the college. Even many of the junior staffs didn’t dare speak against him. He wanted every student of his to come to the college wearing a collared shirt, buttoned to throat, and with a short, well combed hair. He just wanted everyone to come to class becoming a “Raja Beta”, which was very hard for a person like me to follow.

Undoubtedly, I was the first person to get in his evil eyes, but I didn’t care. I lived my life the way I wanted to. He scolded me, embarrassed me in front of every possible person he could have, but I didn’t change a bit, till the point he warned me to screw my future. Later, on investigation I learnt that he has done these things for many students in the past. I was afraid. My entire attitude was brought down to zero. I cut my hair, wore disciplined clothes (according to him), but that wasn’t enough for the damage which had already occurred, I had to impress him at every step, everyday. Lucky for me that I was the topper of my class which didn’t make any big difference, but it avoided other lecturers to go against me. I worked hard to avoid getting screwed from him. Slowly, but surely, I was changing his impression on me, towards the better half. By the end of my engineering, it was so said that I was his favorite student of that batch.

There is always a second chance, if you don’t get it, you create it

The motive behind this article is to boost those people who fall back after the first accidental bad impression. I say accidental because it occurs many time that we want to make the best first impression, but it so happens that it turns out to be the worst you could do. It can happen to anyone. Don’t get demoralized thinking that I missed the golden opportunity, yes, you did, but this is not the end. There can be many more opportunities in future. Some people also say you get only one opportunity in your life and you have to grab it, if not, you will never get a second chance. I say it’s so wrong. You may get the first chance and you may have missed it, because you were unprepared for it, but you can and you should try to create the second chance, and when you create it, just make sure that this time you give your best shot. Make the best impression.

For those who don’t mind spoiling your first impressions please note that

You can always change your first impression, but it takes a lot of hard work to do so. So better make your first impression as the best impression

– Shiv Kumar Thakur


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  1. Shreyansh Shiwam says:

    Well said Mr. author.. very well said.. Couldn’t have agreed more..
    Nice read!!!

  2. vijeshree says:

    Good one 🙂

  3. Avneet Kaur says:

    Wow,, the article gave a very positive feeling.. Hard work always pays.. 🙂 🙂

  4. Laxminarayana says:

    well said bhai …. good one

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