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Finding Happiness…



I rushed, to my best ability, to reach the top of the mountain. I ran faster on the evenly inclined land. It was unlike the previous few hours of hike which I have performed to reach to this height, filled with hurdles and lots of snow. I was excited as ever, as this was the first time after the long try that I was successful in moving my ass out of the city to make a successful trip. Like any other middle class person, I was tied with too many never ending responsibilities. Filling the debt from the past and the securing the future of self, along with the dependents had marked so many holes in my pockets that it was difficult to create the mountain of money which was required for planning a trip to walk outside my city.

The frustration in me had evolved so much that I had to force myself to break one of the FD’s, which was for my future requirements, to plan a trip as fulfilling as this. I was relaxing on one of the hill tops in the beautiful country of Nepal. I was running short of breath due to the fastest sprint of my life , but it was all worth it. I was standing on top of mountain sandakphu, sighting one of the most beautiful mountains, breathing the purest form of air, and watching the most beautiful sunrise of my life. I have been hiking for 2 days to reach this magnificent location. After admiring the sight for a brief hour, we helped ourselves to one of the oldest monasteries. As beautiful as it sounds, it was the most pleasing place I have ever been to. Located in the middle of the dense forest, it was no less than heaven on earth, if anyone had seen it.

Beautiful arrangements were made for staying close to the monastery, to make sure we interact with the monks and taste the way of their life for few days, but I was already in love the place, and the people, as well as the location. I knew that this is the place i wanted to be, live and bring back my happiness. I couldn’t have opted for a better vacation than this one. With every passing hour, my love for this place deepened, and I relaxed.

After two week of stay in the monastery i was loosing the happiness which was born. Trying to refresh my mood, I was sitting on one of the corners of the hill, watching the beautiful sunset.

What are you up toasked one of the middle aged monks.

Just enjoying the viewi replied.

You are lyinghe guess, you can say me the truthhe insisted.

How do you know that I am lying?I asked him, curiously, expecting a saintly answer.

When was the last time you sat here for this view, I hope only on the second day, or the third day. No one would be interested in admiring the same sun for more than 2 to 3 days

I am confusedi replied, being frank to the elderly person who was sounding more logical than i was,I thought that I would be happily enjoy my stay at this place, but I am already disliking many of these beautiful things

That is the beauty of life we live

How can this thing be called as beauty?

Life is more difficult when you have what you desired

You are right, but my life is not as simple as it looks, I have responsibilities to fulfill. I never get an opportunity to look upon my happiness. I am always fulfilling my debts

You should be proud of that

How can I be proud of something which doesn’t even count. Many of my friends already have their own house, their own car, but here i am, still unable to fulfill the needs of my family

You speak immaturely laughed the monk, mocking my words, You can never feel proud of yourself if you compare others achievements by your hurdles. There are only 3 things to happiness

1. Never forget your past
2. Respect your present
3. Challenge your future

If you have notice, there is no other person, place or material involved, it is all about you. No one can steal your happiness, if you want to be happy

To be continued…

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  1. Akanksha says:

    True hazards of modern day lives 🙂 good one.. Keep the good work going.

  2. shreyansh shiwam says:

    Loved it…
    Last sentence really sums up the whole truth – “No one can steal your happiness, if you want to be happy”


  3. r@m th@kur says:

    Great Write up and a wonderful message Mate!! Keep going as always!

  4. Sagar says:

    Good write up Shiv.
    It brought some changes in me after reading the last part.

  5. Neha Thakur says:

    Well written thoughts….

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