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Father’s day Vs Mother’s day



 “Mom, Happy Mother’s day” I heard one of my teammates talk on phone, yelling as loud as possible. I have never heard him speak to his mom earlier with so much delight. He was a married man who was far away from home, living happily with his wife. This conversation made me nostalgic


I ran back to the memories of those days when I troubled my mom to make a new dish for me, just because I was bored of eating the same thing every day. I was 15 then, and my mom knew exactly what I wished for, but she also knew that I should be forced to eat healthy food. She was good at convincing me, my sister, and my father, to eat the food which she had prepared, but as the years progressed, she failed in convincing us. I was very choosy and demanding, maybe, I had learnt that her happiness resides in my happiness. I demanded, she supplied, without uttering a word.

Now, after staying away from my parents for 10 years, I became smarter, stronger, and independent. I became a well-educated person, who is a feminist, mama’s boy and has a healthy job. Today, when I look back and ask myself, “How did my mom loose her power to convince me?” I don’t have an answer. I am always trying hard to impress my father, to make sure he is proud of me, but I don’t do the same with my mother. Sometimes, I even ignore her and don’t tell the complete story, while she is the only person who is interested in listening to it. I bought my father a new smart phone, taught him how to handle it, but I forget to do something similar for my mom. Sorry, I assumed that she isn’t capable enough to understand it, or handle it. Maybe, she couldn’t gain my trust. “Did she fail in her task?” I asked myself. To answer this question I had to ask myself one very important question “When was the last time she demanded something?” I couldn’t get the answer to this question as well, but after trying hard, I recollected that when I was leaving my home for the first time “You will call me every day, no matter what happens” she had demanded. She had made the simplest of the request which I couldn’t fulfill either. Don’t I love her? I obviously do, but why don’t I show it to her. Why do I do that to her? Maybe because I don’t consider her the smartest person in the family, but then something sparked. “Are these smart phone more complicated to handle, than to handle me? If she can understand my (or everyone in the family’s) feelings, without I expressing it, why can’t I understand her needs? She should be the smartest person in the family.I may earn more money, but she knows how to manage it, save it and use it.

We may understand devices better, but she understands life better than all of us in the family.

Flying high in emotion, I missed her. So, I called her to check on her well-being, and of course, to wish her happy mother’s day. Finishing the melodrama, I asked her, why did she stop forcing me after certain age? For which she said “Son, the day a mother realises that her son is grown enough to get trained, she leaves him to the world”

 “Trained in what?” I asked curiously.

“She wants her son to be independent, learn to respect one’s self and more importantly, every mom wants her child to be a decision maker, Irrespective of it being her son or daughter.”

Being a good listener, I asked her, “Why is Mother’s day celebrated more passionately than father’s day?”

She laughed at me and asked, “We didn’t ask for it, did we?”

After dropping off the call, I thought about Father’s day vs Mother’s day question. Maybe because the achievements made by a father are celebrated every day, but the sacrifices made, lessons taught and achievements of a mother are ignored every other day.

It was an eye opener. Ironically, I felt naïve in the matter of understanding life.

To all those mothers out there, Hats off to you. Wish you get the love from your children every day. Wish every day is Mother’s day.

Note : The story above is fictional

–          Shiv Kumar Thakur


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  1. Ashok says:

    Awesome, now i am gonaa gift a smartfone to my mom

  2. Akanksha singh says:

    Beautiful articulation.. Well done SHIV..keep the good work going 🙂

  3. Reshma says:

    Well expressed Shiv… Keep writing… So we could have a Gud read everytime

  4. Ram Thakur says:

    One of the beautiful articles you have penned down so far.. keep going Bro!

  5. Meena says:

    Nice1 Shiv…. glad to realize i m not any culprit of such kind… 🙂 . A good read indeed!!!!

  6. Saikat Bose says:

    The article gives a totally new perspective for all of us..let dis blog be like an awareness amongst d teenage gang n u myt actually see a change.
    Very well written.

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