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Do we think before we do…??



“I will make this state a better place to live in, again” said Rakshit to his elder sister, Harnem, “I will make sure all the undeserving people move out of this city”

“What nonsense are you talking?” asked his sister, “What are you up to now a days? I have heard that you are protesting with those extremists”

The talented Rakshit, finished his engineering and joined one of the leading companies  in the world. He was pleased to receive his first salary, buy gifts for his parents and sister. Months later he realized that corporate culture was not as professional as he expected it to be. He was very much worried that there was no one who spoke English, as they had thought it would be while in college. After few more gloomy days and a number of negative posts on social media he realized that the reason for his irritation in the office was not because he didn’t hear English at work, but because people spoke in a language he didn’t understand.

With every passing minute his anger increased. He wasn’t able to digest the fact that being in his own State, he wasn’t able to hear the language of the State. He started supporting everyone who promoted the language, culture and tradition of his State. And in no time he himself became an active protester of the group who wanted to throw away the people who had migrated to his State and who weren’t willing to speak their language.

“Yes, I am protesting, but please don’t call them extremists. They are fighting for a good cause” replied Rakshit.

“Good cause? What nonsense are you talking?” she asked, “What good cause can you make of it? You people are behaving as if you own the State. This place is open for all. How can you ask them to go away? You don’t have any rights doing so”

“It is my State, My Home” yelled Rakshit, “I can speak to the wind of this place, and ittalks back to me.I was born in this place and I have grown up seeing it change from heaven to hell. Once, it was the most beautiful place to live in. There was less pollution, fewer vehicles and so much greenery, but now, the air is polluted, and you find people everywhere. It has become one of the biggest hubs for IT industry, but our own people don’t find jobs and the people from outside steal away everything”

“They don’t steal away anything, dear brother” replied Harnem, “They just search for the job and they work wherever they have the opportunity. They, like everyone else in this country, are poor and need a job to support the family. As far as pollution and the vehicles are concerned, it’s increasing with increasing population. And the population of our country is increasing rapidly”

“So what?If the population is increasing it doesn’t mean that everyone should just move to single place and spoil the infrastructure, language and culture” replied the furious Rakshit.

“No, no one is moving to a single State” she explained, laughing, “People are migrating from, and to every place. When I say place, it means that they are migrating different States and even countries.I don’t think anyone is damaging the infrastructure, but they are paying tax to the improve and maintain the infrastructure. They generate revenue for the city, and indirectly for the State”

“Why are you supporting them so much?” asked Rakshit.

“Do you remember what happened to me when I was in Australia?” she asked.

“Yes sister, I do remember” he replied, in a low voice.

“You were not this way, Rakshit” she replied, “If you think what you are doing today is right, then what Australians did to us is also right. If we don’t accept people migrating in our own country, than what rights do we have to question the citizens of other countries? Everyone from your protesting group would be dreaming of migrating to some other country. At least all the people working in IT companies are desperate for onsite. Do you expect them to speak every word in English when they are on foreign land? Do you think Australians were right?”

Rakshit, took a deep breath, thinking for a long time, finally said “I am sorry Didi, I was wrong”

“Don’t be sorry, Rakshit” replied Harnem, “You are just being trapped by the social media. As far the jobs are concerned, it is open to everyone. The talented one gets the job. Let us keep it this way. You shouldn’t fear competition. For the language, it is just a mode of communication, doesn’t matter how old is your language. It was created to express your feeling, but not to restrict people from understanding you. The people who are interested in  interacting with more people, learn more languages, the rest are happy with their own language”

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  1. Shreyansh says:

    Excellent way to convey the message. This should be read by every Indian who is caught into the web of regionalism and who has got the idea of “my land” completely wrong. It’s always about the country and our countrymen. Everyone is free to stay anywhere, study anywhere, work anywhere in India. Noone can force anyone to speak a particular language or follow a particular culture/religion etc. That is the beauty of our country, but at the same time it is everyone’s responsibility to respect and love the language/culture of a place where he is studying/working!!

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