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Choti si Love Story



It was raining heavily, with lots of wild winds flowing to the east. It was the heaviest rain of the season.  Every flash of lightning was helping to visualize the path in the dark night, with only  low volt street lights glowing on the road, but the thunder was increasing the fear in  hearts. The whole city was running back to their homes, but not this man. He stood there holding a black umbrella in his hand, wearing a white shirt, a black trousers, and a formal shoes, which made him look like a gentleman, but he was well dressed for a corporate official. He stood on the road, next to a black jaguar, looking left and right, expecting someone to stop, but there was no one on the road that could help him out.

There he stood with the hope that someone passing by would stop and give him a lift to his home, but the roads were empty due to rain, and darkness was spread earlier than usual. There was no sight of a single human being passing by. He was getting late to his home. He heard the sound of a car coming close to him, he turned around expecting a car to stop, but there was no response to his request from the car driver. Being upset, he lost hopes to get a lift. He again heard a sound, may be of a scooter coming nearby. This time, he didn’t even bother to turn around and ask for a lift, the scooter passed by and stopped at a small distance in front of him. He looked towards scooter driver with a surprise, as he wasn’t expecting anyone to stop for him, at least not when he didn’t even request for it. After moving a bit closer, he could see a lady sitting on a scooter, wearing a short skirt, exposing her fair long legs, and high heels. She was wearing a raincoat, which extended till her knees and a helmet, which was hiding her face. Her silky, shiny legs were increasing the curiosity to see her face, but he wasn’t in a condition to demand for a wish. “Where do you want to go?” she asked, with the sweetest voice he had ever heard. “I am already in love with this lady” he said to himself. “Are you really interested to get a lift” she asked again, annoyed. “Yes, Yes Mam” he replied before he could miss an opportunity to be with her, and reaching home was suddenly on second priority.

He blushed, recalling his past; it has been 40 years since the incident when he had first met with the lady of his dream. Here he was today, holding the same umbrella, wearing the same dress he wore 40 years ago, expecting his wife to come and pick him up. His eyes twinkled when he saw her, sitting on a similar scooter, wearing the same dress and still managing to ride it as she did it in her younger days. She was drenched in rain water, but that didn’t stop her from being childlike again. She was equally in love with him, as he was with her. She stopped close to him and asked “Where do you want to go?”, with a charming smile on a wrinkle filled beautiful face. He sat on the scooter and they left.


“What happened to the Jaguar?” asked Anita, curiously.

“Driver followed them, and took it back to their home” said the astonished Harman, “I am telling you a romantic story and you are more interested into the Jaguar?” he asked with fake anger.

“Oops..! I am sorry, please continue” replied Anita, with a smile.

“Just like those two love bird, I want someone who would love me from today, where I don’t even have a Nano, till tomorrow, where I dream to have the costliest car I can afford. I am waiting for the one who would love me from today, when I am strong enough to fight, till the day, when I may be ready to fall any minute. Will you be my “someone”? Will you be my love bird? Will you marry me?” falling down on his knees, taking out the ring, he asked.

“Yes, I would love to be your companion for life” she replied.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all..! Be loved and Spread Love..!

-Shiv Kumar Thakur

3 Comments so far:

  1. Laxminarayana says:

    bhai nice attempt.. i accept that m not a continues reader but i felt the story very short and some details missing…. wo bolthe hai na kuch tho missing hai kuch tho missing hai,,,,, wo wala “kuch” missing lag raha hai

  2. S. P. Shrivastava says:

    As far as my love story(?), is concerned 40 years is the only strange coincidence in the story. Rest all is just a story.

  3. hansi says:

    Short but truly romantic .. Writing a long story may be easy but Expressing love in too short story , that compels a reader to imagine each line an art .
    Gud 1 🙂

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